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1st August 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We're back! (Yes, I know, its yesterday's news)

It has now been three weeks since we came home to Kuala Lumpur...

Would like to apologize for the lack of updates. This is because life has (and still is!) hectic since March 2009. Below are a short summary of what has been hapenning for the past weeks:

March 09
- Resign and left our last job in London
- Matta, Lou Tau and 25 cents' arrival to London for 2 week trip (London, Paris, Oxford, Stonehenge & Bath)

April 09 (London)
- Ex-colleague & husband's arrival to London for 5 day stay with us
- Went to Liverpool, Venice and Rome for (7 days) honeymoon trip
- House cleaning (actually, more of house scrubbing!)

April 09 - May 09 (KL)
- Commence renovation work in apartment
- Purchase of furnitures and fittings for apartment
- Kick off wedding plans (gowns, photographers, guest list, etc)
- Apply for jobs and attend interviews

As I was typing the above summary, it irks me to think that there seems to be very little done when in fact we were really flat out since March 09.

Some of you might has seen pictures in Facebook so you would probably have a better update on whats going on our lives at the moment. And obviously it doesnt help with the fact that internet is crap here and blogspot isnt the best place to put up pictures.

Pokoknya, life has been very hectic since we arrived. We've only been back three weeks and already we've done enough to make me feel as if we've been back for three months. I guess the fact that both of us are not working at the moment really helped because that gave us the change to go do stuff togethe such as surveying furnitures, arranging for renovation, and the wedding preparation too.

Who would have guess that the sink needs three trips to buy, the aircon fixtures has hidden cost, the sofa cost a bomb, the fridge cant be taller than Des and I have developed a love-hate relationship with my wedding dress!

And nope, neither of us are working yet, and I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy soon enough. You would too if you are getting married and moving into a new place in three months time without jobs!
God help us!

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